Code, data and sensors serve to translate information to a tangible interface through the refraction of light, challenging perception and sensitivity. Materials operate as an accessible language to human perception, yet no human component participates in this looping cycle. The generative drive within it, is the actual quality of those materials, as the stones accumulate the information carried by light. Light as data and stones as memory devices, while sensors artificially feel. The system nourishes itself through mediation tools, becoming a self generative techno-metabolism. A fluid relationship between diverse systems is created, enabling the feedback loop to self perpetuate infinitely.

“Painful is birth…again & again is a phrase which manifests in various Buddhist traditions.


 A visual manifestation of autopoietic dynamics and operational closure in the form of a glass tank crossed by an array of ultraviolet lasers. The UV laser lights challenge human sensory perception as they only become visible in the fluorescent liquid as they illuminate and charge the phosphorescent stones.


The system is controlled via an electronic circuit and uses numerous light detecting sensor to control the movement and intensity of the ultraviolet lasers, turning them on and off as it moves through steady states of reiteration.

Rheological nature. Flexible axioms. Viscous time and space.

Optically amplified contingencies via stimulated emission of light.

Meditative state: how porous is reality?

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