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Das Grosse Fressen is gluttony and ecstasy.

A dinner so perfect, so abundant, it drives the diners to their own death. For one month the diners live in purgatory, their ghosts hunting the table at which they ate while the leftovers rot in front of them. Eating can be heaven and hell. Every human experiences their own gastronomic temptations and ecstasies, guilt and pain. This work is an expression of both.

A group of paying guests take part of the most delicious feast. The menu is a homage to the film La Grand Bouffe where a group of men resolve to  eat themselves to death. Whole parts of roast pork and huge blancmanche breasts delight the diners. Wine is free flowing.

Hidden cameras capture their drinking and eating. A pig’s eye view, a camera in a carved out bread loaf. Gastro-surveillance scrutinizing every delicious mouthful.

While people dine, a LIVE FEED is projected into the vault below the gallery. At the exhibition opening we watch our diners eat their final feast, but afterwards the work takes on another form: The banquet table with all its remaining food, crockery and cutlery is left to rot. The ghosts of the dinner haunt the gallery as projections and sound installations. While their feast rot, a second dinner is hosted with fresh diners and food. As before, their leftovers remain, so does their ghostly video footage.

Vomitorium: An area of the gallery dedicated to this mythical dining room appurtenance.