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A re-edit forecasting utopian topographies and enhanced past


Revolving around identity in an age of technological amplification and perpetual online presence, a point of departure is the urban redevelopment project ‘Skopje 2014’ – as a visual example of the end of history built by a government of a marginal nation. Future analytics and virtual past are investigated via local problematic in global context of transnationalism.  Hereby the microcosm is nested within the macrocosm, incorporating complex ontological constructions and relations, such as space-time and virtual-real.

Arcadia Missa 2

In the Future We will all be Modern


just-do-it-artefact hyperlocal_greetings

As internet presence offers transcultural existence and challenges  the space/time continuum, an archeological artefact from the future overcomes geopolitical complexities and representations. The process of globalisation is referenced through ‘Just do it’ fetishism and consolidated with ideological kitsch embodied in ‘Skopje 2014′ as prime example of utopian paradigms for reconstructing national identity. A hyper object amalgamates the local with the global as history is remembered and misremembered; the physical materialises search engine’s predictive algorithms forecasting trends, speculating our past and our future.

Arcadia Missa 1