Press / Links

Frieze magazine October 2019, issue number 206 / print and online

Self Optimization at Higher Resolution at Tate Exchange / Tate Modern, London

Due Bar at Architectural Association School of Architecture/ online

Fascia 18100619013 for Transmediale Journal with J.G. Biberkopf/ online

Wysing Polyphonic at Wysing Arts Centre, Wysing/ Cambridge

(INTER-) Somerset House, London

Whale Fall / Most Dismal Swamp / Gossamer Fog, London

Most Dismal Swamp / OFluxo online

2nd “<Interrupted =“Cyfem and Queer>“ Symposium, Berlin

Swamp Protocol at Arebyte, London

Fascia 18100619013 at Transmediale, HKW / Berlin

Affective Infrastructures Study Circle at Transmediale, HKW / Berlin

Affective Infrastructures: a tableau, altar, scene, diorama, or archipelago Journal / online

Technologically Fabricated Intimacy – research project with Dr. A Gandini, King’s College x SHS / London

Screening at D’Est and Moscow Museum Of Modern Art / Moscow and online

TWDA / MBJ Wetware collaboration announcement on / online

Furtherfield/ Serpentine Marathon / London

Interview by We Make Money Not Art / online

MUTEK Keychange : Amplify / Buenos Aires

MUTEK Keychange : Amplify / Montreal

Fascia 171208180222 documentation excerpt / Amsterdam

CDM at CTM Festival: AI Futures / Berlin

Sense of Self discourse program at Rewire / The Hague

de-leb at Banner Repeater / London

Sonic Acts Academy 2018 / Amsterdam

MoneyLab: Art, Culture and Financial Activism / London

Self Optimization / Hyper Functional Ultra Healthy / London

Unknown Tongues / Tenderpixel off-site /  London

Nocturnal City / Somerset House / London

OFcourse at M50 / Shanghai

Art Night 2017 / London

C22H37NO2 / Cosmos Carl online

Exhibist/ publication

Echoes of Earth presentation at Transmediale  #Additivism / Berlin

Flash Art / Tropical Waste / London

Calvert Journal

artist talk at MIRA / Scope conference

Sonosphere GAD* Technologies / publication

aqnb Circuits in the Flesh / online

Echoes of Earth: Earcon w IYDES on Soundcloud

Green Ray: O Super-Hu/Wo-man# 2 at Enclave/ London

techSent® / Calvert/ online

Rockelmann& / Berlin

Echoes of Earth on NTS / radio program

Deutschlandradio Klangkunst / radio program

GAD Technologies at Club Transmediale / Berlin

Green Ray: techSent / Painfull is Birth Again & Again at Enclave/ London

The 3D Additivist Cookbook / online and Transmediale/ Berlin

aqnb CTM/ online

SoCCoS/ publication

Berlin Art Link/ online

Electronic Beats / online

B-Turn / online

Perisphere / online

Art Berlin / online

ZK/U / Berlin residency

aqnb Test Signal / online

CTM at Berghain / Berlin

The Wire / online

Create Digital Music / online

Digital in Berlin / online