The FUTURE of the PAST


According to overquoted Walter Benjamin, there is a concept of time of outer reality as a whole, which now can be compared to postmodern concepts. Don’t be modern, be postmodern, don’t run, act with awareness – could be a voto of this course. Messianic time is not necessarily a religious idea, it can be interpreted to be “time of no-time” existence. What deleuzianist Michal Herer calls “philosophy of actuality” is connected to all mondo of singularity, diversity and non-hierarchical thinking, and we have to remember that.

“Future of the past” by Marija Bozinovska Jones, as well as her realization of laser- eyed Alexander the Great in “Political Rave”, is bringing up the problem of being in a not recognized identity group (Macedonians as well as Mazurians, Silesians, etc). Hybrid identities in a conflict with officials and structural categorization of fixed drawers is a problem of its own. Will Macedonia become a country? Is it a country already? All sorts of questions arise now.

Political and artistic criticism merge, philosophical digitalization of the discourse is close to touch the limits of control’s power. Look at Disobedience Archive, as it is. Join the archive. “What was tomorrow, will be yesterday”.

Jan Lubicz Przyluski


Political Rave 1Political Rave 2


In an era of huge technological amplification, perpetual online presence and globalization contribute to transcendence of cultural representation. As digital existence obliterates geopolitical boundaries, the nature of national identity becomes radically arbitrary. Marginal societies, both in the physical and virtual landscapes, struggle to organize their realities as borders are redrawn and remapped. Exploiting the public sculpture as a standardized indoctrinating tool, the underlying didactic of the classical bust as an ideological paradigm seeks new future prospects. Embodying a problematic of a peripheral society trying to tie the past to future perspectives, Alexander the Great asks the metaphysical Whose am I? question. As history, the master of oblivion, is remembered and misremembered, the future lays in continuous reinterpretation of the past, offering utopian meta narratives for the diaspora of the world.

Political Rave 3Political Rave 4Photos by Giacomo Cosua