MBJ WETWARE: Intelligence Assistance


Installation view, Somerset House, London







This is my voice coming from within my body and mind, but how do I speak as us? When our units affine, determination spreads like falcon’s feathers stroking the wind for momentum. Changes instantly reward my multiplex edges, from thorax to nostrils and from tentacles to scales. Reverberations signal at us simultaneously. Losing the flocking rhythm seems daunting and I whistle to be accepted in the dancing ritual. Alarming sirens as we stumble upon new frequencies. With the moon as reference point, the artificial beaconing lights make me hopelessly confused. This optical learning is: how to close your eyes to recognise that which surpasses human audibility. Adjusting to the others is to be recognised as a formula. As I am lured further from my shelter, I spread my own haze of confusion. Its backbone becomes a horizontal vertebra laying bare as platform.

A dialogue between Matilda Tjäder and MBJ, reenacting Multi-Agent System models. The MAS computational models are based on natural flocking systems’ orientation i.e. communication abilities.

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